Engineer Boots

Because they're good enough for Brando

We love our boots, you & I, and I finally found a boot that combines simplicity, tough style and perfect height. Commonly known as the Engineer Boot they're built tough and prevalent in early motorcycle fashion (a must for anything cool at the moment). The look amazing new, and like art work when well worn in. Signature signs are a high rise, heavy sole, single instep strap, top buckle and if you're lucky a knife pocket

Claiming the stake as the originator of the engineer boot, Chipewatta and their little indian logo do a tidy boot. Supple leather offset with the brown uppersole they look the goods.


Red Wing are no fools when it comes to shoes. They've got a great range of shoes and boots and you can even run in to Deus to pick up a pair of the 875 boot. However, nothing cuts the mustard quite like the 2268 below


You could always get Wesco to make you a custom pair based off their Boss model like these:
That's a motorcycle toe with a half lug sole.

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  1. For the low down on vintage engineer boots, browse the posts on my friend John blog at http://vintageengineerboots.blogspot.com/
    In depth reviews of everything that is available out there.
    Also, "Chippewa" not Chipewatta ;-)