The Fantastic Man

Fantastic Man is indeed a fantastic magazine. Sitting somewhere in between the hyper masculine men's publications where the naked babe on the cover makes reading such literature acceptable, and the overtly male worshipping homo-erotic magazines, Fantastic man is a clever, classy read for the modern gentleman.

The semi-annual magazine is cleverly written in a friendly and informative style, giving simple recommendations on how to improve quality of life and be a fantastic man. Articles range from
interviews with Hot Chip's leading man, to an in depth discussion of why tomato juice is best enjoyed on airplanes.

Loving this 'recommendation' on how to gift wrap belts...

Or the latest editions cheeky editorial on the latest 'nude' colour palette for the fantastic man's wardrobe.

It is a magazine you will actually want to read cover to cover, rather than flipping through to find the good stuff. Get in in selected newsagents or google to find where you can get it online.


belt [bɛlt] n.

Seriously in love with this beautiful hand crafted belt by Austrian designer Carol Christian Poell. It's all about the little details that often are forgotten....

Double Denim?

Are you sure...

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Hugh Heffner, and Wilt Chamberlain –the ultimate trifecta. couresy of the selvedge yard


Wrap me up

A little while ago, I stumbled across this image on the Sartorialist. Immediately it became my desktop background...and ever since that moment I have dreamt of finding a cloak like this and becoming this girl.

Whilst I am no closer to owning one, I have figured out where to find them. Enter Lindsey Thornburg, a designer originally from Colorado now based in New York. After returning from a trip to Machu Piccu in 2006, she was inspired to create her own collection of heavy wool hooded cloaks. Her inspiration is clearly interpreted through the use of tribal textile prints.

At USD $900, they are hardly a steal but should be a winter wardrobe staple. I am currently trawling through the sale section of the website to see if I can pick up a bargain and hibernate inside it until winter is over.

Name sound familiar?

Don't forget our next adventure...
It is open from 10am Saturday morning


Engineer Boots

Because they're good enough for Brando

We love our boots, you & I, and I finally found a boot that combines simplicity, tough style and perfect height. Commonly known as the Engineer Boot they're built tough and prevalent in early motorcycle fashion (a must for anything cool at the moment). The look amazing new, and like art work when well worn in. Signature signs are a high rise, heavy sole, single instep strap, top buckle and if you're lucky a knife pocket

Claiming the stake as the originator of the engineer boot, Chipewatta and their little indian logo do a tidy boot. Supple leather offset with the brown uppersole they look the goods.


Red Wing are no fools when it comes to shoes. They've got a great range of shoes and boots and you can even run in to Deus to pick up a pair of the 875 boot. However, nothing cuts the mustard quite like the 2268 below


You could always get Wesco to make you a custom pair based off their Boss model like these:
That's a motorcycle toe with a half lug sole.


Das Lunoe

So, I went to the most beautiful wedding on the weekend... On a lush green pasteur, by the side of a fresh streaming river, was a marque draped in flowing yellows and whites, surrounded by the most amazing bundles of huge, round balloons. The whole scene, submerged in the blue mist of the mountains, reminded me of the Romanticism and Fantasty of Tim Walker's work. Below is a couple of images that illustrate the magic that existed in these moments on this most romantic and dreamy of days...

...Their own little fantasy

& Anna

Grab his book, aptly title pictures. Make sure you get the hardcover, it's absolutely beautiful



Whilst we're on the topic of eyewear, I should mention MOSCOT Eyewear and Eyecare, which has been a New York City institution for nearly 100 years. We're big on the round-frame trend which has most recently been revived by the charming criminal John Dillinger played by Johnny Depp in Public Enemies (2009). Alongside a huge variety of other styles, MOSCOT Eyewear really nails this lens shape. Offering both prescription and sunglass frames, the lenses are also available in a few interesting shades; such as a toxic green.

You can go shopping online and even "try on" a pair or two in cyberspace.



There is something about a classic frame in a translucent acetate finish that screams out classic but edgey.

Mosley Tribes teamed up with Native Sons (along with their epic 3D look-book) to create these stunners:

Then you've got Retro Superfuture. They keep the ranges coming but stick with classis frames and quality feel. Their collaborations are unique and inspiring and their basics are sophisticated yet funky.

Saw a super cute girl in these the other day... elegant yet classic


Alexander (Lee) McQueen. Without question one of the best things to ever come out of the global fashion industry.
His collections will live forever.


i love pamela love

Jewellery designer PAMELA LOVE's intricate jewellery line has attracted a cult following, having graced the pages of international magazines and adorned the bodies of style's elite.

Pamela, who by the way is also a drummer in her spare time, also collaborated with Opening Ceremony to create a limited range inspired by the 2009 film 'Where the Wild Things Are.'

Beautiful pieces for both the boys and the girls. It's definitely love.