The Fantastic Man

Fantastic Man is indeed a fantastic magazine. Sitting somewhere in between the hyper masculine men's publications where the naked babe on the cover makes reading such literature acceptable, and the overtly male worshipping homo-erotic magazines, Fantastic man is a clever, classy read for the modern gentleman.

The semi-annual magazine is cleverly written in a friendly and informative style, giving simple recommendations on how to improve quality of life and be a fantastic man. Articles range from
interviews with Hot Chip's leading man, to an in depth discussion of why tomato juice is best enjoyed on airplanes.

Loving this 'recommendation' on how to gift wrap belts...

Or the latest editions cheeky editorial on the latest 'nude' colour palette for the fantastic man's wardrobe.

It is a magazine you will actually want to read cover to cover, rather than flipping through to find the good stuff. Get in in selected newsagents or google to find where you can get it online.

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